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This is basically what very conservative said would happen. This makes us all look so bad… why……..

Why? Why not? No seriously, what’s so fucking bad about this? Tell me. Really tell me. But wait, let me guess first. You’re most likely going to say one of two things. Either you think it’s immoral, or you think it’s gross. If morality is your concern, then give me one honest reason why this is immoral. Don’t tell me “because it’s just wrong.” Give me something you can actually explain and back up. If you can’t, then fuck off.

And if you just plain think it’s gross, well that’s fine, you’re allowed to think it’s gross, but there are a lot of people who still think homosexuality is the most disgusting thing they’ve ever heard of, so get off your fucking high horse. These are two consenting adults. They don’t have to give a shit about what you think is gross.

And what really pisses me off is that you, lesbiunicorns, have basically just said, “these two consenting adults who have chosen of their own free will to engage in a romantic and sexual relationship in which no harm comes to either or anyone else are the actual reason that homophobes hate gay people.” You’re a piece of shit, you know that? You pinned an entire brand of hate on two people, two gay black women who are in one of the most oppressed and hated groups that exist today, and look upon them as a pariah, and use the fact that you personally think it’s gross for blood relatives to have this type of relationship as a justification for the hatred and oppression that gay people must suffer.

You’re just proving how much bigotry still exists even within the gay community.

And even if this story is a fake, which some people seem to be indicating that it is, everything I said still stands. It’s your reaction to the story that matters.

Holy shit buddy you’re just wrong all over the place. Incest is wrong not because it’s gross, but because (especially with parent/child relationships!) one person has intrinsic power over the other. Sexual relationships between parents and children are always ALWAYS abuse of that power by the parent. You are everything that is wrong with the kink community, everything I fear I’ll encounter when I go out to clubs/ play parties. Thank god no one will fuck you.

Whoa, bitch. Don’t stalk me.

You clearly have some parent issues. Work those out on your own. As you can see from stalking me, I’m not that into kink. I also don’t think that an incest relationship is wrong. What two adults do with consent is not my business and if it hurts no one, power to them.

I get laid enough, but thanks for the assumptions. You make feminists look bad. Stop being so militant. And stop stalking people who disagree with you.

So what, you’re allowed on my blog but I’m not allowed on yours? You have a cute idea of how the internet works.
It’s not consent when there’s a power discrepancy. Look it up.
You literally said when you reblogged that post that women don’t get with you because you’re fat. That was your complaint. I’ll be militant as long as dudebros like you are around, fuckass.

I’ve no problem with gay/lesbian/etc relationships

I’ve no problem with age gap relationships

Where i DO have a problem? Incest.

Also, something feels off about this article

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